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The Team

Who We Are

AHAE is committed to providing quality engineering consulting services to enhance the communities around us, where we and our clients live and work. Our approach combines innovative design, solutions, and proven performance. 

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Sean A Lewis

Sean is an eight year U.S Navy Reservist who graduated in 2020 from the California State University Long Beach (CSULB) with a B.S in Civil Engineering. In the past two years, Sean has been taking on the role as a designer, specializing in residential projects. In addition, he is currently pursuing a Master's Dergree in Civil Engineering with an empahsis in geotechnical/foundation engineering at CSULB. One of Sean's top goals is to become a licensed engineer in the state of California and aims to be a role model to young engineers. 

Visal Te

Visal graduated with honor from The California Polytechnical University of Pomona in 2007  with a B.S. in Civil Engineering. He continued to pursue and obtained a Master's Degree in Civil Engineering with a structural and foundation design emphasis in 2010. Visal later obtained his Professional Engineering License in 2011. Since he became a professional engineer, Visal has worked as a structural engineer for many residential and commercial projects, supporting the vision of the architects as well as the designers. Visal has assisted in providing cost effective solutions for the clients while making sure the projects meet and exceed code requirements.

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Our Vision

Our intention as a firm is to become the number one multidisciplinary engineering consulting firm in California, and then the world. Our intent is to achieve this status through organic growth, stellar client relations, quality work, and maintaining our fair pricing.

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